Monday, November 19, 2007

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Harry Blume has many visitors at his home on Main Hwy (US 301) in Bamberg. Stuck on the front of his storage building is a white Volkswagen Bug. Only half of it is visible. “Looks like it drove into the wall don’t it,” said Blume. The quirky sight makes many stop and take a closer look. "I've had people traveling from as far as New York stop and take pictures," he said. "Everyone traveling through seems to want to know the story behind it.” The car was a birthday gift from his daughter and wife who found it at a store called Gadzooks. It was being used as a clothes rack. The hooks are still visible on the back. “They said they had a birthday present for me but I’d have to go get it after the mall was closed.,” he said. “You should have seen all the looks I got driving down the highway with a cut up bug on the back of the truck.” Blume who is an avid car collector thought about using it as a tool box but thought people driving down the highway might find it amusing. “The only reason I did this was when traffic’s coming through, it kinda breaks you. You be seating there with your mind on the road and this kinda breaks you and gets your mind off of the riding.”


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